Using Science when Teaching about God’s Wonderful Creation:

Why Genuine Marriage Is Heterosexual

Presented to the Minnesota Pastor’s Conference (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod), Rochester, MN, 17 Apr. 2007.

By Ryan C. MacPherson, Ph.D.



Debates concerning the moral status of homosexual acts and the prospects for homosexual marriage pose one of the most significant challenges to Christians today. In fact, advocates of homosexuality have aggressively targeted WELS and ELS schools, demanding that practicing homosexuals be permitted to enroll. Capable theologians have adequately addressed the Bible’s teaching concerning homosexuality elsewhere. This paper supplements their work. Drawing upon numerous scientific disciplines that bolster natural law arguments, Dr. MacPherson identifies God’s creation of “male and female” as foundational for genuine married life. Distinct sections explore insights from theology, genetics, anatomy and physiology, medicine, social sciences, ethics, jurisprudence, and astronomy.

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