God, Creation, Humanity, and Living Life

By Ryan C. MacPherson, Ph.D.

Presented at Faith Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX, 10 Aug. 2013


Session 1: “Biblical Lessons in Ancient History Contrasted with the Evolutionary Worldview”

How Reliable Is the Text of Holy Scripture? What Are the Most Detailed and Accurate Source Documents on Ancient History? How Much Older Are Animals Than Humans? Who Really Was the Neanderthal Man? In What Sequence Did the Following Developments Occur? How Did Violence and Warfare Originate? What Drives History? How Long Can People Live? What’s the Difference between Black and White? Which Came First: Society or Marriage? How, Then, Does Science Really Work? How Important Is the Doctrine of Creation Compared to Other Doctrines?


Session 2: “The Culture of Life: Your Family in God’s Plan”

Scripture teaches that marriage is a divinely created, lifelong union that celebrates sexual complementarity, children, and chastity.

Our society claims marriage was invented by government, lasts only until one person wants to quit, does not have to involve two people of the opposite sex, does not have any necessary connection to childbearing or childrearing, and—well, what does that old-fashioned word “chastity” have to do with my “sexual identity” anyway?

Learn how to discern the difference by exploring The Culture of Life, a bioethics primer by Dr. MacPherson.



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