God’s Life-Giving Gospel Is Active at Conception

By Ryan C. MacPherson, Ph.D.

Presented for the Annual Meeting of Lutherans for Life (Central Minnesota District) at Trinity Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids, MN, 17 Jan. 2010.
Presented at Trinity Lutheran Church, Belle Plaine, MN, 20 Feb. 2010.
Presented at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, MN, 29 March 2010.



This presentation guides the audience through an exploration of Holy Scripture, revealing not only that human life deserves the highest respect at conception but also that God’s love in Christ is active throughout the entire procreative process. The sanctity of human life does not rest merely upon a Fifth Commandment prohibition (“You shall not murder”). It also flows out of the gospel-centered doctrines of Christ’s incarnation, Christ’s atoning work for our salvation, and Christ’s eternal election of us for life with Him.


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